Frequently Asked Questions

Laurie Cheatham Insurance Services Help Center

How do I make sure I’m not over-insured?

A reasonable amount of life insurance is six to 10 times the amount of your annual salary.  Another way to calculate the amount of life insurance needed is to multiply your annual salary by the number of years left until retirement.  As your Insurance Consultant, I will look at a number of things with you so that you can make the best decision possible.

Why do I need to buy insurance?

If you are the primary provider for your dependents or have a significant amount of debt that outweighs your assets, insurance can help ensure your loved ones are well taken care of if something happens to you.
There are a variety of other reasons, so give me a call and let's talk about it.

Do you offer free consultations to new customers?

My goal, as you Insurance Consultant, is to get to know you better.  There is never a charge to the client.  I look forward to meeting you and building a long term relationship.